Staff Profile: Martin Frost

Martin Frost

Martin Frost has been a key member of staff at Somerset County Cricket Club for a long time and whenever something goes wrong or needs mending he is the first person to be called upon on to fix it.

Martin is very much a local boy and when he left school in 1979 he undertook a carpentry apprenticeship with George Brothers in Taunton.

“After that I went to work for Somerwest in Greenway Road where I stayed for seven years,” he said.  “Then my brother Phil told me that there was a maintenance job here at thge County Ground.  I came down and saw Peter Anderson and he gave me the job.  That same night I was called upon to sort something out in the old Stragglers Bar for Frank Betts.  I started here for Somerset in March 1989 and the years have gone by quickly.  The summers involve long hours but I still enjoy the job I do just as much as ever.

“I’m the maintenance man and I help out the Ground Staff whenever Simon Lee needs me.  I help on the ground first and then get on with the maintenance whenever I can afterwards.  Jobs range from sorting out the toilets to mending tables and chairs or anything that goes wrong.  They call on me first and I get it sorted.”


Over the years Martin has witnessed a lot of developments at the ground.  “I’ve seen a lot of changes here since I started,” he said.  “The ground is still very much the same though and I still like coming here to work every day, apart from the traffic of course!  I like the people who I work with and we get on.  It’s a real team and everybody who has joined us has fitted in. The staff we have got here are really good.

“Every day is a bit different.  You come into work to do one thing and then somebody will phone up and get you to go and sort another thing out, so you never quite know what to expect.  I’ve got a list of things to do when I’ve got five minutes but most people want things done straight away.  Everything gets done in the end!

“All of my years working here have been good but the time seems to have gone so fast.  Sometimes you think back to when the Ian Botham Stand opened in 1998 or the Ondaatje Pavilion in 1995.  It’s a long time ago and the youngsters we’ve got working with us now probably weren’t even born then!  Of course we’ve got a new base to work out of and we’ve made it feel homely, just like to old one.”


Looking ahead to the new season Martin said: “The T20 International will be exciting.  It’s something to look forward to because it’s something different that hasn’t happened before – a bit like when we had the first concert here.  Almost everything we are doing at the moment is geared to making sure that we are ready for that game.

“The season finishes on September 28th and we’ll then top dress the wicket.  At that point you think you’ve got the whole winter ahead of you but that just flies by.  Before you know it, there’s another season on you and you’re off again.”

Martin added: “There are always improvements to be made or things to be fixed, so there’s always something to do.  It never stops!  Everyday is different and I think that is one of the reasons why I like it so much here.  You never quite know what to expect when you get here!”