Latest from Desert Springs: Part One

Desert Springs departure

All Somerset’s players and coaches are currently in Spain on a pre-season training camp at Desert Springs.

Let’s find out what they’re getting up to!

We asked Assistant & Bowling Coach Jason Kerr and spinner Dom Bess to keep us up to date with how the camp is going.

Here is the first installment of Jason’s pre-season diary.

We are now a few days into our pre-season training camp at the fabulous Desert Springs resort in Southern Spain.  This trip provides a fantastic platform to prepare for the early season friendlies back in the UK.  The main focus for this trip is obviously skill work, with the lads still having time to maintain their already excellent fitness levels.

It’s great having the whole squad together and the guys who haven’t been away this winter have been able to get out on grass for the first time.  It’s so important for the guys to transition from the true surfaces indoors to the challenge of grass.  The facilities have improved each year, and this year’s surfaces have definitely been the best so far.  The same can be said for the weather, not to tempt fate but the wind has been calm and the temperature hotter than expected. (Sorry!)

IMG_5076 IMG_5084

The intensity of the practices so far has been exemplary.  All the guys have managed to have some time in the nets and all the bowlers have had the opportunity to get off their full run up’s.

Thursday was the first break from training and saw the return of the annual battle for the “Cyder Cup” golf trophy.  Two teams, captained by non playing members Jamie Thorpe (Lead Physio) and Darren Veness (Head of Strength & Conditioning) battled bravely on the fabulous course, with team Veness the eventual winners.

Later this week we will be focusing more on the white ball skills and looking to execute prepared plans in a practice situation.

So far the lads have been excellent in their commitment to everything that has been asked of them.  I was chatting to the new skipper at dinner last night and Tom has been very impressed with what he’s seen and is looking forward to next few days.

nets DS

Dom Bess will be letting us have his first pre-season diary tomorrow!