Staff Profile: Heather Mill

Heather 1

One person who was particularly sad to see the Old Scoreboard being demolished last week was Heather Mill who, for the last 10 seasons, has been the welcoming face serving refreshments from the kiosk below it.

Heather has been working at Somerset CCC for a very long time and first started on a casual basis back in 1979, so she can remember the Cooper Associates County Ground before the Old Scoreboard was even built.

“It’s a shame to see the scoreboard being knocked down,” she said.  “It’s been my summer base for quite a while now but I look forward to seeing it coming back even better.  I really enjoyed the years that I worked in the kiosk because I met so many lovely people and got to know both home and away supporters.  You get a real buzz when Somerset do well and that is something really special and the best part of the job.”

Recently Heather has been given a new role.  She is now a full time member of staff and has become a member of the Event Management Team as she explains: “I’m now on a permanent contract although I’m not quite sure where I’m going to be based this coming season.  I’ll still be responsible for making sure that the food outlets around the ground are all stocked up and it may well be that I’ll be working in the Dining Room in Colin Atkinson Pavilion.”


Heather has certainly had a variety of experiences since she has been at the ground.

“When I first started with Somerset I worked in the bar that was situated in a huge cow shed type building where the Centre of Excellence now is,” she said.  “I remember back when Botham and Richards were here, when it rained that whole shed would be packed full of people and they would be laughing and singing.  Then I moved to work in the outlet that was under where the Marcus Trescothick Stand now is.  After that I had some time off when my son was born and I became a home shopper for Iceland for a while which was an interesting job.

“However, I was drawn back to the Cooper Associates County Ground as lots of people are.  You leave home but you have got to go back home and that’s what happened to me.  It grows on you and I sometimes seem to spend as much time here as I do at home.  If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t have worked here for all this time.  I like the people I work with and feel at home and really can’t imagine being anywhere else.  There are quite a few of the staff who have been here a long time, especially among the casuals.”

Heather went on: “Last year it was brilliant to be working here but on that last day I felt so sorry for the players who were sitting up in the 1875 Club all day watching someone else take the title away from them.  In this job you meet so many different people and I do like to have a bit of banter with them.  I like to be thorough and well prepared and if I’m in charge of a function I want to make sure that everything is set up in the exactly the right way.”

Heather added: “I’ve been here now on and off coming up for 38 years and everyday presents a different challenge, which is part of what makes it so interesting.”