Busy winter for Pete

Trego celebration

Peter Trego is being kept very busy this winter, balancing his time between his close-season training schedule and developing his media career.

The all rounder, who topped 1000 Specsavers County Championship runs in 2016, explained what he has been up to since the season ended.  “It’s been a busy time,” he said.  “I’ve been in planning with the television channel that I have been working for and Sky Vision, which is their production house, about my own show that we will be starting to film this year.  However, in the interim I’ve been doing the voiceover for a new programme that’s going to be out in February which has been really cool.  There will be 15 episodes and so far we are up to number 12.

“I’ve also been going to Amsterdam to work in the studio.  It’s been a really good experience for me because with voiceover work you have to pay a lot more attention to exactly what you are saying as well as the way you speak and try not to be too monotone.”

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“In the very near future I will be flying out to Singapore to record the first episode of my own series which is really really exciting.  I can’t say too much at this stage but there is going to be a lot of me in it!”

How has he found moving into a different field?  “It’s certainly a very different world to be a part of,” he said.  “Meeting new people has it’s moments of being quite intimidating but being a little bit of a natural extrovert I’m fitting in quite nicely.  I think that potentially for me there’s an opportunity to develop this as part of a career looking into the future.  It’s very different and refreshing to be a part of.”

Pete went on: “When I come back to the ground to do my training it’s like a break.  I enjoy my days here and also my days in Amsterdam and it’s a really nice mix.  It’s quite a pressurised environment to be in because there are a lot of people around watching how you perform especially with the number of cameras and angles that they can work from.  I’m learning lots of different skills and of course I get the chance to go through my wide and varied wardrobe of clothes!  I’ve got some snazzy suits and some nice sports kit to wear which of course I really enjoy.”

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Is this how Pete sees himself going once his cricketing career comes to an end?  “I would like to have this as an element of my life for the next few years, or however many years it lasts,” he said.  “I think I really enjoy having a number of projects going on so this will be a factor.  However, I’ve also got some other exciting activities going on with a local building company so I’ve got three things on the go, the main one of course being my cricket career .

“To have other things going on in my head I find refreshing so it’s really exciting for me.  I’m probably reaping the rewards for networking for the last 18 years in a very sociable sort of way and going to all of the events and talking to people.  That’s really paying dividends for me now and all of a sudden I’ve got a phone book full of people who can help me which is just fantastic and I’ve done it in a way that I think everyone has enjoyed.”

Pete added: “I would just like to say thank you everybody who has helped me along the way and of course I’m looking forward to the start of a new cricket season.”