Staff Profile: Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown may be behind the scenes but she is a very important part of the set up at the Cooper Associates County Ground because she is the Finance Manager for Somerset County Cricket Club and keeps a watchful eye on everything that goes on!

“I started at the Club back in January 2002,” she said.  “Before that I was involved with doing the auditing, so it feels like I have been around for a long time!  In my job you are primarily in the background rather than being in the front line of contact with the public.  The job can be very demanding but it really is like being part of a family and you grow to be a part of it.  This is probably why there are a lot of staff who have been here for a long time.  There are certainly more ups than downs!”

What have been some of the highlights of Lisa’s time at the Club?  “I would say that the concerts that we have hosted have been pretty special because it is not very often that you get to see Elton John and Rod Stewart close up,” she said.  “I think that having the Olympic Flame here back in 2012 was a highlight too because that doesn’t happy every day and you get to meet everybody involved with that as well.  We also hosted the Royal Marines Welcome Home Reception which was really nice to be a part of.

“I always enjoy coming to work here at Somerset and although you have your bad days, on the whole it’s a pretty good place to come to every day.”

During her years at Somerset as Finance Manager Lisa has come into contact with a number of big name players about which she said: “When I first started here it was really strange seeing some of the players who I’d watched on the television come into my office, but I’ve got over that now!  Having said that, I think that everybody was a bit star struck around Chris Gayle.  He was just something very special.”

Is there anything about the job that she doesn’t like?  “The least attractive part of my job is that everybody thinks that I am a bit pessimistic,” she said.  “That’s because I’m in control of the money and the one who has to say ‘watch what you are spending’ but I think that is an accountant’s trait.  I think the difference is that I’m more aware of the financial outcome of situations compared to most other people.  At home I haven’t got a clue whereas here I’ve got my finger on the pulse at all times.”

Outside of work Lisa has become a keen runner after taking up the sport 18 months ago.  In April she will be taking part in the London Marathon about which she said: ““I’ve run five half marathons so far this year, including running one in Amsterdam where we finished in the Olympic Stadium, which was a great experience.  April is still a few months away so I’ve got plenty of time and my training is just about on schedule.”

Lisa added: “I’ve only ever had two jobs.  The one I went to when I left school, where I stayed for 10 years and this one.  I’ve stuck with my jobs for the long haul and I plan to be here for a good while yet!”