Staff Profile: Nicky Hockey


Nicky Hockey has been the smiling face of Somerset County Cricket Club since she took up her role as Club Receptionist in the Andrew Caddick Pavilion back in June.

“I think I must have joined at the busiest time of the year,” she said.  “Especially with all of the excitement that there was towards the end of the season, but I have enjoyed every minute of the time that I have spent here.”

Nicky has lived locally all of her life and was first brought to the Cooper Associates County Ground by her aunt and uncle to watch Somerset play during the Glory Years when Botham, Garner and Richards were in their prime.  Since then she has maintained an interest in cricket.

“There is cricket in my family,” she said.  “My brother and my husband play and so does our son, so I have got to know about the game over the years.”

Nicky talked about her job at Somerset.  “I deal with general enquiries and sell tickets as well,” she said.  “There has been a lot to learn in a fairly short space of time but I am really enjoying myself.  Everyone that I have met is so enthusiastic about Somerset and takes a serious interest in the fortunes of the team.”

What attracted Nicky to the job in the first place?  “I was looking for a change of career and a return to full time work,” she said.  “I wanted something that was a bit more of a challenge and working here at Somerset is turning out to be exactly what I was looking for.”

So what is it that makes Somerset CCC such an enjoyable place to be a part of?  “People here are friendly and so enthusiastic about the Club.  They all make you feel so welcome and I enjoy the surroundings.  The other thing is that no two days have been quite the same, which is something else that I have enjoyed.  If you work at Somerset CCC you have to become totally involved with the Club because everybody else is and the people who walk through the door expect you to know even more than they do!”

How has Nicky found meeting and greeting the cricketers, many of whom are household names?  “It was a bit of a daunting prospect before I started,” she said.  “But they have all been so friendly and polite.  I just need to try to remember everyone’s names and faces.”

What has been the hardest part of the job for Nicky?  “I think that has to be being able to answer everyone’s questions,” she reflected.  “They can be extremely varied so I have to try to know a little about a lot of things, but that is slowly getting easier.

“I always walk away feeling that I have enjoyed my day.  Then in the morning I look forward to the next when I walk back in.”

Away from work Nicky enjoys watching her son play cricket or football and her daughter play hockey.  She has also recently taken up running