Hildy on the mend

James Hildreth

Somerset batsman James Hildreth is on the road to recovery.

The 32 year old ended his season in dramatic style by scoring a heroic century against Nottinghamshire with a fractured ankle.

James was struck on the ankle by a delivery from Jake Ball in the final game of the season when on seven.  Instead of retiring hurt he batted on with Tom Abell as his runner and battled his way to a remarkable 135.

Hildreth ankle Hildreth crutches

Thankfully his ankle is on the mend and he is hoping to be able to start his preseason programme when the Somerset squad reconvene for winter training on November 7th.

“The ankle is starting to feel much better,” he said.  “But we won’t know for certain how things are going until I have an x-ray next week.  This will show if the bone is healing, which I presume it is because I’m not in any pain and everything feels fine.

“I’m still undergoing various activities to help my ankle and regularly ice it.  I’m doing my rehab work too and I’d like to think that I will be able to be involved in some way when the rest of the boys report back.  I don’t feel like I’m far off going for a jog, doing weights and all the other things that we do in our winter training.  We won’t know for sure how it’s gone until I have the x-ray but it feels fine now so I’m hopeful and feel like I am pretty much there.”

Hildreth 2016

 Somerset Lead Physiotherapist Jamie Thorpe said: “James is still wearing his protective boot and is going for a scan next week.  We won’t know exactly how well the injury is healing until we get the results of that, but we are confident that he will be able to start the rehab programme we have put in place for him on time.  He has already been doing what we have asked him to do and all being well we can get him back in to action sooner rather than later.”