Ready Emmy Walk: Update

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Somerset supporters may remember that on day one of our Specsavers County Championship match against Yorkshire in May we helped to raise money for the charity Ready Emmy Walk.

Emmy King was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia at 20 months old and has a type of brain damage called Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL).

Her Cerebral Palsy causes increased muscle tone in her legs and feet which makes them constantly stiff.  This affects her balance and coordination, making simple things such as crawling and even sitting up extremely difficult.  As a result, she isn’t able to stand or walk independently.

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There isn’t a cure for Cerebral Palsy but there is a life changing surgery available called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).  Without SDR, Emmy would face multiple orthopedic operations, Botox treatment and leg casting throughout her life and would ultimately need a wheelchair later in life.  SDR is not currently funded on the NHS but Dr T.S. Park has performed over 3,000 operations in the USA.

We are now delighted to be able to report that Emmy had her SDR surgery at St. Louis Children’s hospital on 27th September.

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Emmy’s mum Carly contacted us this week to share the above photographs and said: “The surgery went very well and Dr Park confirmed that he has removed all of the spasticity from Emmy’s legs and feet.

“She is making a good recovery so far and now has to have daily physiotherapy to strengthen her muscles.  Every day is different.  Getting used to her new wobbly legs scares her sometimes but she is being a brave little soldier and working really hard.  We are staying in St. Louis for three more weeks to continue her therapy here.

“Thank you so much to everyone at Somerset County Cricket Club and to all of the supporters for all your good wishes and helping us get to this point.”

On that day in May, the generosity of Somerset supporters raised £3,500 for Emmy.  All monies raised for Ready Emmy Walk went towards the costs of the surgery and any further money will be used for post-operative intensive physiotherapy and the physiotherapy equipment she will require for her rehabilitation.

For more information on Ready Emmy Walk please click here