Anya’s West Indies Tour Diary: Part One

Women's Ashes launch event.

England Women are currently overseas preparing for their five match ODI series against the West Indies which gets underway in Jamaica on Saturday.

Somerset Captain and Western Storm Vice-Captain Anya Shrubsole has agreed to keep us up to date with all the action by supplying us with a Tour Diary.

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Here is part one and as she explains, it’s been an eventful start to the tour:

Welcome to part one of my West Indies Tour Diary.  After what had been the almost perfect summer for the team we were heading out to Jamaica to play the West Indies in a crucial five match series.  With qualification for the ICC Women’s World Cup still on the line for both teams it’s shaping up to be a brilliant series.

As preparations go at the start of tours, this has been one of the most unusual.  We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica with news that Hurricane Matthew was on its way. It was originally classified as a category 5 hurricane, the highest it can be but thankfully for Jamaica, it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm.  Naturally there has been plenty of concern in Jamaica and places such as Haiti and Cuba about the damage that may be caused.  We have been exceptionally well looked after by everyone at the hotel and extremely well informed which has been as massive help and our thoughts are with all of those who may be affected.


Due to this our preparation has been somewhat unconventional.  The first day passed as normal with us having a run around at the ground and just trying to get the flight out of our legs.  Since then, no training has been possible due to the ground being shut down until the hurricane has passed.  As a result we have had to be creative with what we can do and have used the beach extensively to try and get some work done.  There has been plenty of time out there catching, throwing and going through our bowling actions into a mitt.  Catching off the snick board whilst fielding in the sea fast became to most popular activity.  Whilst it’s been an unusual way to prepare, we all understand the severity of the weather and have been fully aware that there’s something much bigger and more important going on.  We have made the best of the situation and will be ready to go whenever possible.


For now, it’s going to be a case of waiting for the weather to hit us and then getting out and training whenever the conditions allow us to.  There’s a substantial amount of rain that’s due to fall, so it’s a bit of an unknown when that will be.  For now, we will continue to make the best of what we can and as I said previously, our thoughts are with all of those in Jamaica and surrounding places that may be severely affected by the hurricane. 

Part two of Anya’s Tour Diary will be available next week.