Pakistan fun coaching session a great success


The Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton was a hive of activity yesterday when 200 youngsters from right across the region took the opportunity to come along and join in a coaching session involving the Pakistani cricketers.

The free event was organised by Somerset CCC abled all those who registered to come along and learn from some of the most exciting cricketing talents in the world.

It was clear just how much the tourists enjoyed participating in this event from the smiles on their faces and the energy they put into joining in with the morning’s activities, which was reciprocated on the faces of everyone who came along.

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Grant Flower the Pakistani tour manager said: “I think an event like this today is great for everyone. It gets the players out of the dressing room and gives them the chance to go and do something different, as opposed to being coach driven, so this is one of the nice things that they can do.

“This is something that the guys don’t ever do so it’s quite refreshing to be able to tell them to go and do something different and from what I have heard from them they are enjoying it.

“Being here in Taunton is a very different experience for many of these guys.  This is a small town so it’s a very different culture.  They are getting used to it and are enjoying it.  If you are not going to enjoy a tour of England then you are struggling with the job.”

Finally what could the Somerset crowds coming along to the game expect from this Pakistan side? “Some exciting skills,” he said.  “The guys are very natural stroke players and they like playing their shots.  With our bowlers they can expect them to run in hard, hit the deck and they should swing it quite a bit as well.  There are a lot of youngsters as well so they are looking forward to throwing themselves around and putting on a good show.”

Spencer Bishop from Somerset CCC who organised the event said: “The day was a huge success and we can’t thank the Pakistani cricketers enough for the whole-hearted way that they joined in and freely gave their time to sign autographs and pose for selfies as well.  This was a great cricketing occasion for the Club and the region as a whole.”