In-play: Second XI T20 Finals Day


Live Updates:-

GAME OVER- Middlesex win by 2 wickets with 2 balls to spare.

19.39- 19.4- Andersson hits big 6 over mid wicket to win the game by 2 wicket

19.35- WICKET-  White    ct Bess deep mid wicket b Green 53 off 19.1- 154/8, new bat is Manuelge

19.32- White hits 6 off last ball of 19th- 154/7 off 19- 8 needed off last over. Ben Green charged with that responsibility.

19.28- 18 gone- 143/7- 19 off 2- Davey at Castle End

19.24-17 overs gone- 129/7- 33 needed off 3. Grant back on at Park End.

19.20- WICKET- Sowter b Davey 5- 122/7 in 17th New batsman is Martin Andersson

19.19- 118/6 off 16 overs.- Davey on at Castle End

17.16 -WICKET-  Rath  LBW  Redrup 35- 116/6 in 16th. Sowter new batsman.

19.12- 100 up off third ball of 15th followed by big six by White-  15 overs gone- 107/5 -55 needed.

19.09- 14 gone- 88/5- 74 off 6. Waller switches to Castle End

19.06- 81/5 off 13 overs- 81 off 7- Redrup to bowl from the Park End

19.02- 12 gone- 73/5- 89 needed off 8 overs.

19.00- 11 gone- 63/5

18.57- 10 gone- 59/5- Bess continues at Castle End.

18.54- 9 gone- 48/5- 50 up in 10th

18.51- 8 overs gone- 42/5-

18.47- WICKET- Steel ct Banton b Bess 12- 38/5- 7th over. Rath new bat. – 38/5 off 7. Waller on at Park End.

18.44- WICKET-  Scott ct Leask- skier to mid wicket b Bess- 2- 36/4 in 7th over. White new bat.

18.43- 6 wickets gone- 36/3- Bess on at Castle End.

18.40- WICKET- Higgins ct Hose at long on b Green 6- 32/3. Scott new bat.

18.39- 5 overs gone- 32/2- Green onto bowl.

18.32- WICKET- Eskinazi ct Leask running backwards b Davey 12-   18/2 in 4th over.New batsman is Steel

18.31- 3 overs gone- 17/1

18.29- WICKET- Holden      ct Davey b Grant- 5- 17/1 in third over. New bat Ryan Higgins

18.26- Two overs gone- 4/0. Sam Grant on at Castle End- first ball goes to cover boundary, second the same.

18.22.- One over gone- 1/0- Davey from the Park End

18.18- Middlesex innings- Leask to Eskinazi from the Castle End.

18.07- INNINGS CLOSED- 161/7 off 20 overs- Green unbeaten on 26 and Bess not out 7.

18.06- Big straight 6 by Ben Green in last over.

18.04- 19th Bess ramped 2 sees up 150. – 151 off 19- last over to be bowled from Park End.

18.00- 145/7- Higgins on at Castle End

17.57- 136/7 off 17 overs- Devon boys Green and Bess together at the wicket.

17.54- WICKET- Leask ct Steel b Scott 16 at long on- new bat is Dom Bess- 131/7- in 17th

17.52- WICKET – Waller run out 8- 127/6 in 16th- Green new bat.

17.48- 15 gone- 120/5

Middlesex v Somerset, Second Eleven Twenty20, Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

17.44- WICKET- Bartlett b Sowter 58- 114/5 in 13.6. Waller new bat

17.42- Leask 6 over wide mid wicket off Sowter in 14th

Middlesex v Somerset, Second Eleven Twenty20, Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

17.41- 13 gone- 102/4- Sowter on at Park End

17.40- Bartlett goes to his 50 with a lofted straight 6 off Rath and brings up 100.  33 balls 6×4 and 2×6.

17.38- WICKET- Davey ct        b Raff- 8 in 13th. Leask new batsman.-  92/4

17.35- Bartlett swept 4 off Higgins close to his half century.- 12 overs gone- 92/3.

17.34- 81/3 off 11 overs. Higgins continues from Park End.

17.33- Bartlett lofted off drive falls just inside the ropes- off Rath who is a slow let armer.

17.31- 10 overs gone- 75/3

17.30 – 9 gone- 71/3- Higgins back on at Park End

17.23- Bartlett nice flick off his toes to deep square leg boundary

17.22- WICKET -Rouse b Sowter 30- 52/3 off 6.6. Davey new bat

17.20- Bartlett big si over long on in 7th -first of innings- keep it up- 49/2

17.18- 6 gone- 42/2- Sowter on at Castle End

17.13- 5 overs gone- 35/2- Scott from the Park End.

17.10-Ryan Higgins on at Castle End- 4 overs gone- 26/2.

17.03- 2 overs gone-9/2

16.58- WICKET- Banton LBW Godsel -1- 6/2- in second. New bat is Bartlett.

16.57- Rouse off the mark with a cover driven 4- 1 over gone- 6/1. Godsel on at Park End

16.56- WICKET- Hose b Anderson 1- 2/1- Rouse new bat- first over.

16.56- Anderson to Hose from Castle End for first over.

16.55- FINAL v Middlesex- Somerset won toss and bat first – LIVE SCORECARD



16.22- Somerset win by 57 runs to qualify for the final against Middlesex.

16.23- WICKET- Singh ct Hose b Grant 7- 94/10

16.21- 18 gone- 93/9- Grant back on at Castle End for penultimate over

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

16.17- 17 gone- 85/9- Davey continues from Park End- great stop by Rouse backward point.

16.16- WICKET  Panayi ct Bartlett   b Bess 17- 83/9- Singh new bat.

16.14- 16 gone- 77/8- Bess continues- 6 off first ball of 17th

16.07 – 15 overs gone- 72/8. Redrup at Park End for 16th

16.06- WICKET- Gordon b Waller -0- 68/8 in 14th. Hanson Dalby new batsman- Waller 4 overs 3/12.

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

16.04- WICKET-  Thornton   run out 2- good throw, slick hands by keeper   68/7 in 14th. New bat Gordon.

16.02- 13 gone- 66/6- keep it going boys- Waller continues from Park End

15.59- WICKET- Javid st Banton b Bess  - 64/6- Great work by keeper and bowler

15.58- 12 gone- 63/5.Bess carries on.

15.56- WICKET- Thomason ct Banton b Waller 6- 62/5 in 12th- Panayi new batsman

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

15.55- 11 gone- 60/4- Good over from Bess- Waller continues

15.52- 10 gone 56/4 at halfway- Dom Bess on at Castle End.

15.50- WICKET- Evans st Banton b Waller- 35- 55/4 in 10th – the wicket Somerset wanted – slick pit of work. Ate Javid new bat.

15.45- 47/3 after 8 – Redrup from Castle End for next- 50 up during the over.

15.42- 44 for 3 after 7- Waller on at Park End.

15.38-   Lamb LBW Grant 2 – 42/3 in 7th, Thomason new batsman

15.38- 6 gone- 42/2

15.33- Mellor b Grant 4 removed his off stump- 32/2 in 5th over. Lamb new bat- 6th over Davey back on at Park End- first ball 6.

15.29- Flat bat 6 off Green  in 4th- 30/1

15.26- 3 gone- 12/1- Green from the Park End for the fourth over- 4 off first, 4 off second, dot ball next better

15.22- 2 gone- 7/1- Sam Grant on at Castle End.

15.18- Davey from Park End for second 5/1

15.16- Pollock caught by keeper Banton- 0- 0/1 Evans new bat.

15.15- Leask to Pollock from the Castle End to open

15.04- INNINGS OVER- 151/7 Waller unbeaten on  26    and Bess   not out 3.


15.03-150 up with Bess 2

15.00- WICKET- Green b Hannon-Dalby 0 (first ball)- 146/7, Dalby finishes with 4/20- Bess new bat for last over.

14.59-WICKET- Banton b Hannon-Dalby 80- 146/6- Green new bat

14.57- 100 partnership up with Waller single off Hannon-Dalby in 19th

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

14.55- Banton another six this time over backward square-141/5 in 18th- 142/5 off 18 overs.

14.52- Banton first 6 of the innings clips Hannon- Dalby over mid wicket off 16.6- 132/5. Gordon back at Castle End

14.47- 117/5- off 16- Hannon-Dalby back on at Park End for 17th. Waller 4 to cover off first ball.

14.45- Banton- ramped 4 followed by a reverse sweep- to the boundary- 115/5 in 16th

14.43- Waller bring up 100 with ramped 4 – 15 gone- 102/5. Thornton at Castle End.

14.37- Banton went t0 his 50 with 2 off Singh in 14th.41 balls and 6×4. Panayi back at Park End for 15th- 95/5

14.35- 13 overs gone- 87/5

14.31- 12 overs gone- Gordon on at Park End

14.28- 75/5 off 11 overs- best yet for Somerset now we need a few more like this.

14.27- Banton lofted 4 to wide mid wicket off next ball.

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

14.26- Banton chops Thornton to square boundary- 70/5

14.25- 10 overs gone-65/5 at halfway stage. Thornton returns at Park End.

14.23- Banton reverse sweep to boundary off Singh in 10th- 61/5- keep it going

Somerset v Warwickshire, Second Eleven Twenty20, second Semi Final, Arundel Castle Cricket Club

14.22- 56/5 off 9 overs.

14.21- Waller single to fine leg sees up 50 in 9th over

14.19- 8 overs gone- 46/5- Ateeq Javid for 9th from Park End

14.17- WICKET- Davey ct and b Singh 5- 44/5- Waller new bat

14.15 7 gone- 41/4- Sukjit Singh(left arm spinner)  from Castle End

14.13- WICKET- Leask b Thornton 3- chopped on- 37/4 in 7th- Josh Davey new bat.- 4 off first ball

14.10- 32/3 off 6 overs- Somerset can’t find the gaps in the field at the moment.

14.06- 5 gone- 28/3- Gordon on at Castle End.

14.04- WICKET- Bartlett ct short fine leg by Gordon b Thornton 10- 24/3- Leask new bat.

13.59-  4 overs gone- 20/2- Grant Thornton on at Park End.

13.56- WICKET- Rouse bowled Hannon-Dalby 0 first ball- 11/2- new bat George Bartlett.

13.54- WICKET Hose ct  Aaron Thomason ( mid wicket) b Hannon-Dalby 2- 11/1 .Tim Rouse new bat.


13.52- Hannon-Dalby continues

13.52- 2 gone-10/0

13.49- Banton’s first 4 of the game square drive off Panayi

13.47- One over gone- 5/0. Second over- George Panayi from the Castle End

13.42- Hose to face Hannon-Dalby from the Park End for first over.

13.41- Here come the umpires Chris Watts and Russel Warren led by the Warwickshire side. Followed by Adam Hose and Tom Banton.

13.30- Good afternoon from Arundel Castle Cricket Ground on a beautiful sunny afternoon where the news is that Somerset have won the toss and chosen to bat in the Second XI T20 semi-final match against Warwickshire, which starts at 13.45.

Whoever wins this game will go forward to the final where they will face Middlesex who beat Durham in a high scoring match.


Match Preview:

Somerset Second XI will be one of four teams taking part in the 2016 Finals Day of the Second XI T20 competition at Arundel Castle Cricket Ground in Sussex today.

Durham. Middlesex and Warwickshire are the other three counties involved.

The first semi final between Durham and Middlesex starts at 10.30am with Somerset taking on Warwickshire in the second semi final from 1:45pm.  The two winning sides will then contest the final which starts at 5pm.

Steve Snell

Second XI Coach Steve Snell said: “I am really pleased that we have made it through to the finals and we have played well throughout the tournament, winning eight of the games that we have played.  Two players who have stood out for me are Michael Leask and Dom Bess who have both done well in a team that has played winning cricket.  It will certainly be an exciting occasion for the players and of course this will be a whole new experience for some of the younger members of the squad, so we are all looking forward to it.”

The Somerset squad for the Finals Day is: Tom Banton, George Bartlett, Dom Bess, Josh Davey, Ben Green, Adam Hose, Michael Leask, Liam Redrup, Tim Rouse, Fin Trenouth, Paul van Meekeren, Max Waller