Hallam Moseley back in Town

Hallam Moseley 1

Glory Years legend Hallam Moseley will be heading back to Taunton for the first time in 33 years on Saturday when he attends the Former Player’s Reunion Dinner.

To make it an even more special occasion the Barbadian born bowler, who took a 309 record number of List A wickets for the county at 20.03, is celebrating his 68th birthday the same day.

Hallam was born in Barbados and graduated to playing for the Island’s XI  where he opened the bowling with Charlie Griffiths.

When we recently met met up with the genial Barbadian at Lord’s he told us about when he first came to these shores.  “I first came to England to play for the International Cavaliers in 1969,” he said.  “After which I would join a Barbados cricket team when they arrived here.  The Cavaliers had a really good side which included Ted Dexter as captain, Godfrey Evans, Freddie Trueman and Graham Pollock.”

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Hallam’s experiences playing with the Cavaliers made him even more determined that he wanted to play professional cricket for an English county and after meeting up with Sir Garfield Sobers he played a few games for Nottinghamshire Second XI.  “At that time I think Somerset were looking for an overseas bowler so Gary Sobers recommended me,” he said.  “I signed my contract with Jimmy James in 1969 but I had to serve a qualification period.”

Hallam played for Lansdown CC in Bath for a year during his qualification- the same club that Viv Richards played for about which he said: “We had Brian Langford, Graeme Burgess, Pete Robinson, Tom Cartwright who was a great bowler and helped me a great deal, Derek Taylor and Allan Arthur Jones who I shared the new ball with.  I was still learning my trade when I first played for the Somerset team in 1971.  I didn’t mind which end I bowled at Taunton.  I just took things in my stride and did what I was asked to do by the captain.  I know it’s a placid wicket but I can bowl from any end and if you put in the work you get your results.

“Brian Close was a lovely man and great to be around.  He was very helpful in every department of the game because he was very knowledgeable.  What ‘Closey’ said and did just rubbed off on all of us.  He taught us to play hard but play fair and that’s the only way you are going to succeed.  Put the work in and get the job done and you will improve.

“Closey said that the team has to play as a unit and as one.  You all do various things but you are all working for the team.  It was very professional.  We knew our jobs and knew what we had to do.  If someone failed then you could guarantee that one of the others in the team would pick up the pieces.  We had Sir Viv, Sir Ian and then we had Sir Garner.  Somerset had three decent cricketers with all the other players around them putting a little bit in and we were very good at it.


“When we walked out onto the pitch it used to feel great, lovely.  I used to have a big smile on my face and it was very very enjoyable.  We had the great man in Viv, with his wide shoulders.  He was different to anyone else I have ever seen and he was a lovely cricketer.  Then we had Botham who was full of energy and then Big Joel, who had to duck most of the places he went.  I can remember rooming with Joel a few times and when we get to the hotel he couldn’t fit in the bed.  He was huge and we had to get two beds put together to hold the big man.  Joel was a magnificent bowler.

“There were so many things that happened in my 13 years at Somerset.  I just enjoyed the scenery, the people, the supporters and the crowd which was tremendous.”

Hallam added: “Somerset people are tremendous and I love the mix.  I still love them even though I am not there and I am looking forward to getting back to Somerset and meeting up with them again on Saturday.”