The players’ mums have their say: Part Two


Today (Sunday) is Mother’s Day so we thought we should hear from some of our players’ mums.

In part two of our Mother’s Day interview we catch up once again with the mums of Jack Leach, Max Waller and the Overton twins to find out what they had to say about their little boys!

Are you able to share any embarrassing stories about them?

Julie: “To be honest I don’t really have any, well not any that I can share!  Fortunately for Max his brother Jack was always the butt of our humour and teasing! I should mention though that Max does have a rather taxing habit.  Shopping!  When we lived in the USA, Max visited as often as he could but sadly not really to visit his beloved mother, more to shop ‘til he dropped!”

Vicki: “I’m not embarrassed by this and neither was he at the time but he is now at the thought of it!  I remember breastfeeding Jack whilst sitting on the grassy bank under the lime trees (where the Somerset stand is now) when he was 5 weeks old. It was Somerset versus Kent. Jimmy Cook scored a century and Harvey Trump bowled 38.5 for 87.  Jack obviously learnt something that day!”

Helen: “I can’t remember any embarrassing moments.  They are both completely perfect!”

Describe your son in one word.

Julie: “Max in one word? That’s tricky, but I guess I’d have to say generous.”

Vicki: “Loyal.”

Helen: “Craig: Methodical.  Jamie: Impatient.”

When did they make you the proudest?

Julie: “The proudest moment was a game between the West of England vs The Midlands at Taunton and he took 7 for 20.  I thought my heart would burst! He was around 13 I think.”

Vicki: “I’m always proud of him but from a cricket point of view I would say that it was when he contributed to Somerset’s win against Warwickshire last September.”

Helen: “I think my proudest moment was when they achieved their A’levels.  It was a crazy year.  They’d been selected to play for the England U19’s working towards the World Cup in Australia. They had two trips to Australia and one to Bangladesh. The ECB worked with us and the school to ensure that the work they needed to do was completed. They sat exams in strange schools and even in foreign embassies.”

Do you come to all the games?

Julie: “I have lived in France for the past four years and prior to that I was in California for six years.  Coming to all the games has always been a bit tricky but I come to as many as I can and generally take in as many of the T20′s as I can.”

Vicki: “No, I can’t come along to them all.  It’s far too nerve wracking!”

Helen: “Unfortunately I don’t make all games as I work full time.  However, those that know me will see me sneak in at about 4:30 to see the end of play.  I even book holidays to coincide with games. I’ve even considered not coming at all because the boys have achieved some of their personal bests when I’m not there!”

Do you get nervous when they are playing?

Julie: “Desperately. Scared to death.  It’s like I’m out there bowling that first ball.  It’s even worse when he comes in to bat and 4 is needed off the last ball. It’s almost impossible to watch!”

Vicki: “What do you think? (laughs)  It’s very nerve wracking!”

Helen: “I don’t really get nervous watching them play.  Only when they’re near a fifty or a hundred or on a hat-trick or it’s the last over of the match and they need the winning runs or wickets.”

What piece of advice would you give to mum’s of young people who want to become cricketers?

Julie: “My advice to mums would be to let them follow their dreams.  All of us only have one life and we should all make the most of whatever opportunities come our way.  Also, whether you are near or far always be there for them.”

Vicki: “I’d like to say ‘Buy shares in Vanish’ but even that never got those grass stains out!”

Helen: “I would suggest that they encourage them to participate in all sport as it provides social skills that will help them in years to come. If they are lucky enough to be chosen to play county cricket, they will have fun times and make good friends that they will have for life. You will spend all your spare time on the road or sitting in grounds watching. You will meet lots of other parents that will share in your excitement and disappointments.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 10 years. Lastly, support the coaches and managers in their decisions and support your child and let them develop on their own. Don’t push them.”

SCCC would like to thank Julie, Vicki and Helen for speaking to us.

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone at Somerset County Cricket Club.