Matt pleased with open trial

Somerset v Gloucestershire 300315

Somerset County Cricket Club held a free open trial recently.

The trial gave cricketers the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of our professional coaches including Somerset Director of Cricket, Matt Maynard who was pleased by how the event went.  “We saw plenty of talent,” he said.  “We have also identified three players that we would like to have another look at and we will invite them to open net sessions with the first and second XI squads.  There were also one or two who we will be keeping a close eye on when they are playing Minor Counties cricket as well.”

Matt outlined why the trial was organised.  “There’s only a certain number of players you can have within your system,” he said. “We are all familiar with the lads who are coming through via age group cricket in Somerset and the surrounding areas but there are others who will have left the system at 14 or 15 and followed a different path but have come back to cricket. Really this was an opportunity to have a look at those players.  It was a chance for us to see more cricketers and we had nearly 50 players over the course of the two sessions.”

Marcus Trescothick and Jim Allenby also attended the sessions and Matt was pleased to see his senior players taking an active interest.  “It was brilliant to see them take the time to come along of their own volition,” he said.  ” Jim had a number of trials when he was trying to become a young pro so he knows just how important it is to give young players the opportunity to show what they can do.”

Matt is also keen to repeat the trial.  “The key thing is that this trial isn’t a one off,” he said.  “I think this should be an annual thing.  It’s very difficult for me to get out and see club cricket during the summer so this is a great opportunity for me to see what the leagues are all about.  It has definitely shown the strength of cricket that there is in the region.  I think it’s important that we continue to do this and build on it.  Thanks also has to go to Andy Fairbairn and his team at the Somerset Cricket Board for helping us to stage this event.”