Sam loving life at the County Ground


Sam MacIntyre  has just celebrated his third year working at the Club as a Commercial Sales Executive, and the more he is here the more he enjoys it!

“It doesn’t seem like three years and I have to admit that when I first began at the County Ground I didn’t think that I would be here so long.  I also didn’t think that I would grow to enjoy cricket quite as much as I do!  In fact when I started I have to admit that I didn’t have much interest in the game, but working here it is just impossible not to get  wrapped up in what is happening out on the pitch- everybody talks about it all the time.

“To me cricket has two elements to it.  One is what happens out on the field and the other is the people who you meet, who are involved and come along to watch and support the team. I have spent many hours in the Long Room talking to members and they tell me all about the Good Old Days.  The stories and the atmosphere that surrounds Somerset County Cricket Club make it an amazing place to be a part of.  Even though I was born in Basingstoke, not far from May’s Bounty where Hampshire used to play, l can honestly say that my heart lies here at the County Ground.”

Sam talked about some aspects of his work.  “I look after the conferencing, events and the boxes at the County Ground plus the hospitality side of things, the Long Room and 1875 Memberships as well.  Anything that brings money into the Club is what I am involved in.  Somerset is so much more than just a cricket club, and the reason why we are one of the most successful clubs is because of the commercial aspects of what happens here, a lot of which is not involved with the sport at all.  We have just had a storming Christmas, in fact our best ever, and it’s things like that which help to make this Club so successful.”

From a young age Sam wanted to be a policeman as he explained.  “I joined the police in 2002, did all of my training and became a police officer, but after being in the job for a couple of years I realized that it wasn’t the job that I really wanted to do.  I then went into hospitality and managed the Conference Centre at Somerset College where I was for nine years building up the business. However, then I thought that it was time for a change and had always looked at the cricket club as somewhere I wanted to end up because it’s the hub of Taunton and Somerset.  The rest is history as they say.”

P1040425 Somerset Pavilion

Sam talked about the newest addition to the County Ground; the new Somerset Pavilion.  “Being involved with the new pavilion and everything that it brings with it is a very exciting prospect. Having international cricket here at the ground is going to be extremely exciting. We have got our first match next year in 2017 and the World Cup in 2019 and those two elements will keep my interest focused for a number of years to come.  Working in Somerset there are not a lot of opportunities to be involved with an organization that gives you contact with international sport so why go anywhere else?”

Sam lives out on the Levels with his family and cycles to work everyday, another aspect of the job he enjoys.  “I really enjoy my cycle to work and recently on my way here I saw a kingfisher which was just amazing.  I finish a hard days work here and then blast out on the 11 miles back home which gets rid of any stresses I may have. I love working for Somerset County Cricket Club and wouldn’t have it any other way!”