Niki loving it in the new Stragglers Coffee House

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Anybody who has been into the new Stragglers Coffee House on the ground floor of the new Somerset Pavilion is likely to have been served by Niki Jones, who is celebrating her 10th year working at the Club.

Over the years Niki has worked in a number of different venues within the Club and when we spoke to her she outlined how she began.  “It all started when my Dad was working in the old Stragglers Bar that used to be in the corner where the new scoreboard now is,” she said.  “Mike Smith was the manager at that time and he said that they were looking for some extra help.  I came down to the ground, Mike interviewed me and I started off in the Executive Business Club which was right next door to the Stragglers.”

Niki went on: ‘“I stayed there until Pegasus Court was built and after that I had one season in the Ondaatje Pavilion before going over to the Long Room where I have been ever since.  Now I have just come over to work in the new Stragglers Coffee House in the Somerset Pavilion.”

What is it that Nicky enjoys about working at the County Ground?

“I guess I just like meeting people. I have done it all my life because my parents used to run a pub at Bishops Lydeard. You are working with people and meeting different people all of the time.  Of course it can be challenging at times but we are all a team and work together.

“The thing I like most about the Long Room is that I have been there ever since it was first opened and I have got to know all of the regular customers who come in everyday, which is the side of the work that I enjoy the most.  A lot of them are people who remember me from when I first started here in the Executive Business Club, which is quite a long time ago now!”

How is Niki enjoying being involved with the new Stragglers Coffee House?

“Its just great and hopefully I will be here in 2016.  As far as I’m concerned next season can’t come around quick enough.”