Hildy working towards his Level 4 Coaching Award

James Hildreth1

James Hildreth has always been one to make the most of the winter time when he hasn’t been playing cricket, and over the last few close seasons he has completed a degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

This winter has also been a busy one for the stylish right handed batsman who was the leading run scorer in English cricket in the summer, as he is looking to attain a coaching  award.

“I am working towards my Level 4 coaching qualification,” said James.  “As part of that I need to get more experience working with cricketers.  I spoke to Steve Snell, who is the Director of the Academy at the back end of the summer and he was quite keen to get me involved as well.  I’ve been working with a few of the young batters this winter and doing some sessions on Tuesday evenings and on Sunday’s.  It’s been really good so far.

“I want to get more experience coaching as this is a potential avenue for me to go down when I finish playing. At the moment it is going really well and I’m enjoying it.”

James Hildreth3  Hildreth

Hildy was one of the first players to come through the Somerset Academy as he explained: “I think I was on the first year of the Academy at Somerset and it doesn’t seem that long ago. I started my Level 4 in October and it takes two and a half years to complete the course so there is still quite a long way to go with it. I’m still in the early stages.

Hildy added: “I am also doing some coaching at King’s College where my wife Aimee works as well which I am enjoying.”